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Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 – 7:30

Join us in person @
Baymeadows Baptist Church, Room A7
4826 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217

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This group is for anyone who has an aching heart over a loved one or friend bound in the chains of addiction.


Addiction is not just drugs or alcohol, but a wide range of things that begin a cycle of destructive behavior. This class will teach you the difference between helping and enabling.

Change is possible by making a choice to stop the destructive downward cycle, using God’s biblical principles and receiving emotional and spiritual support.

Important Announcement

Welcome to the 2021 addition of Hope&Healing

Invite others to learn how to survive as a loved one of an addicted or at risk child, friend, sibling, or spouse. By going through the program again, you will gain new insights and be on hand to help new students make sense of their unique circumstances.  

The first 40+ min of class is the teaching of the lesson only. People connecting via Zoom can be seen by those watching the class over Facebook and YouTube if they have their video on and they speak. Please hold your questions until the last 15 min of the session, when Facebook and YouTube are disconnected.

Online Courses (FREE)


This two part series will help enablers learn how to bring sanity back into a somewhat chaotic life. It teaches parents, couples, friends, and caregivers how relationships are supposed to work, and how to get unhealthy relationships into their proper perspective.

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This study of biblical boundaries is a must for any one seeking a better way of keeping the world out of your relationship with the Lord and others. You will learn how to keep relationships of all kinds from becoming unstoppable runaway trains of ruin.


This 6 part lesson series will prepare you for a chapter by chapter study of Boundaries by Cloud & Thompson.

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